Set a goal

The company began its history several years ago. We immediately set ourselves the goal of providing our customers with high-quality proven equipment and high-quality service.

Set the bar

From the first years of operation, we have set a high standard. This allowed us to immediately establish ourselves in the market as a responsible partner who bears a full account of his actions and brings all projects to perfect completion.

Have developed an approach

This approach distinguishes us favorably in the refrigeration equipment market. And we, in turn, always adhere to our ideology and are constantly building up momentum. This is confirmed by our satisfied customers and their wide geography.


A large number of clients throughout Russia, a constantly growing staff of specialists, scaling of products and services.


Professionals are always involved in the implementation of our projects, each of whom has extensive experience in working with refrigeration equipment. Each employee of the company is fully responsible for his actions and is responsible for the result.


All HOLCOR specialists have the appropriate certificates and diplomas, which guarantees the reliability of their work. We also pay great attention to professional development, so our employees constantly undergo various trainings and hone their skills.


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